Spring is a great time to think planting and bed maintenance. This is where Walsh Property Service can bring your property up to what you expect after our harsh winter season. We also do all our spring fertilizing to help the grass recover. You should also have all dead grass removed with a stiff raking which helps the roots of the grass get the moisture and sun exposure to help it come in thick and Green.  

Summer the time you want to sit back and relax. Walsh Property Service is here to do all the work so you can enjoy the sun. We will maintain your property to the high standards everyone expects. We also suggest to start your mulch install. Mulch will help your property use less water and helps control the weed growth. We want to keep your plants alive through those wonderful Hot temperatures.

Fall the season We have all begun to dislike as it is a sign winter is near. Walsh Property Service will remove all the leaves that fall each week. We will also trim back all your perennials and prep them for the cold winter about to arrive. We also suggest burlap to wrap your small trees and bushes to keep them from being deformed from the snow buildup. it also helps to protect the plant material from  windburn.


        Throughout the three seasons We will also maintain your irrigation system.  We do all repairs, start ups and of course your shut downs at the end of the season. If you want an install please feel Free to contact us today for your estimate. We have attached the basic costs for residential properties. All commercial services will be priced during the first service call as they very greatly in size.   We believe in water conservation so we  make sure your system is at peak efficiency. With each visit we will run your system to check for head direction and damage that will cost you money and also waste water that can be put to better use 

Services are material extra System Start up $85 + parts and HST

Service Per hour: $60 + HST

Service Call/Truck Fee:$85 +HST Shutdown/ BLOWOUT:  $85 + HST

BASIC INSTALL  To install a basic 4 zone residential system $1800 + HST (price can change quickly after viewing the needs of your property) 


                                                      MOBILE WATERING SERVICE 

                          Walsh Property Service offers a mobile water truck for your watering needs. if you have power washing or plants that need water make the right call. Call Walsh Property Service Today 

Winter, This is the trickiest season of all. Walsh property service is one of the most reliable contractors when it comes to snow. We can handle your snow removal and salting needs our staff are always on the road checking conditions. Our trucks are GPS tracked and We are able to offer you quick and responsible service. We also monitor weather satellites right in our office. We see the snow coming sometimes before the weather man. We believe the more information we have the quicker we can respond to our clients property. We have crews available 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. We wont rest until the job is done, With winter that is a 24 hour job!!!!