Walsh Property Service is providing Residential service for 2018  If you are interested in having your property Maintained by professionals then please call today to book. We have listen to our customers and they have shown a large demand for service to there homes.  We have set up a crew for homes and will be taking in clients this year.  if you want more information please do not hesitate to contact us .  All of our quotes are free and with out obligation.  Walsh Property Service provides crews that are versatile and able to preform a wide range of services when at your home. . We consider our company to be the Property Experts if we can not do it for you we know one of our partners that will. Please review some of our work below. You will see why we are confident you made the right choice.

Walsh Property Service is FULLY INSURED to protect you from any liability, with out insurance you would be liable for any damage done.  Landscape Ontario Checklist:   Proof of liability insurance Mandatory: contractors should carry liability insurance to protect themselves and their clients from the expense of any unforeseen workplace incidents that might cause damage to your own or neighboring properties. Ask to see a Certificate of Insurance; it should state the name and address of the contractor, the fact the company carries a minimum of $1 million commercial general liability, including coverage for bodily injury and property damage, and the effective and expiry dates of the policy as well as the date of issue of the certificate.

(AS SEEN ON LANDSCAPE ONTARIO'S WEBSITE ) https://landscapeontario.com/selecting-a-landscape-contractor                                            

Walsh Property Service is a proud contractor with Eden. If you are interested in a one time service or if you do not want a monthly contract this may be the best option to obtain our services.