Walsh Property Service will provide your property with the attention and detail you want.  Let us know your expectations and we will provide you with a reasonable price. Our many years of experience with larger landscape firms have helped us learn from other people's mistakes. The crews we send out will all be trained and experienced individuals that will express the same enjoyment from a quality job.

Our company has teamed up with a local Lawn Care company that offers weed spray and fertilizer so we can offer you the complete package all for one low price and a few easy payments.

If you are shopping around for prices it never hurts to give us a chance to provide our price. It is my promise you won't be disappointed


Key Benefits

The services Walsh property service provides and the intimate nature of our work we are able to maintain your property as a whole! Our multiple years of experience in each division of our company will save you money and keep you on top of the small and big issues at each of your properties.

Your property value increases many times initial value with proper maintenance
Certified and insured staff and equipment
Our Staff attend annual training seminars
All our equipment is GPS tracker

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