Walsh Property Service can service your sprinkler system to ensure you remain green through those hot summer months. Our staff during the startup will completely test your system and ensure you have proper coverage of your property and limit the amount of wasted water . We also are strong believers in water efficient systems. One smart solution is to have us install our wireless controller so our team can get constant updates on how efficient your system is we can make minor adjustments from our office each morning as it is required.

We are also only one call away if you have any issues. We then blow out the lines to rid the line of any sitting water that can cause the line to break when the winter comes. Your irrigation system can become a huge expense if not maintained correctly. Make the right choice and call today.


Key Benefits

The services Walsh property service provides and the intimate nature of our work we are able to maintain your property as a whole! Our multiple years of experience in each division of our company will save you money and keep you on top of the small and big issues at each of your properties.

Your property value increases many times initial value with proper maintenance
Certified and insured staff and equipment
Our Staff attend annual training seminars
All our equipment is GPS tracker

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