When reviewing different prices, keep in mind when it comes to sod removal there are multiple methods used , so be sure to ask these important questions to each contractor

1, INSURANCE 2 - 5 million of liability insurance 

WALSH Property service Maintains 5 million of liability coverage to insure your protected from any damage or error that may occur from our work 

2, is removal  included ?

We have got calls mid way through a project because the contractor tried to gain extra value with EXTRA< EXTRA <EXTRA. our price comes ALL INCLUDED 


We remove the old root system to allow better bonding for the new root system 

Theses are all important because of your liability . We are not the cheapest contractor for your sod installation. To many times we get the call in two years I took the cheaper contractor and we have to redo our lawn I SHOULD HAVE GONE WITH YOU FIRST BUT I TRIED TO SAVE. Then they ask for a discount because they paid someone else already.    We provide honest up front truth and to many times get called to fix the mess. We believe in educating the customer on what we are doing and how to maintain the lawn to ensure pure beauty. 

WE are insured up to 2 million in liability. We will remove the old sod with a SOD CUTTER, keep in mind this is how they remove the new sod from the field and by doing this we disturb the old root system to allow the new sod not having  to fight with existing grass for life. if you have questions never hesitate to ask you will be in complete control of ensuring the job is successful. Grass needs WATER, AIR, FOOD if you do not provide these you will welcome the weeds faster!!!!! if you want the right job at the right price call today 

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